Pictures of Animals



On this side I present a cross section of my work as an amateur photographer.

With my preference for pictures of nature I try to show its beauty and uniqueness.


In the areas - from see all about animals, nature and scenery, architecture and objects, winter at the polar circle, as well as Ireland the green island - you find photos of amphibians, insects, horses and farm animals, birds, wild animals, Lotos and water lilies, dewdrops and drops of water, blossoms, flowers and plants, leaves, wine, landscapes, on the ice, reindeers, dogs and huskies, Finland, sceneries of Ireland, Connemara, the Burren, the animal world of Ireland, backgrounds and a lot more.


I would be glad if you like my pictures. You can buy the pictures directly on under Links given web pages of the photo agencies or by E-Mail from me directly.


Have a lot of fun on my web page

Michael Steden

Photos of Nature and Scenery

Photos of Architecture and Objects

Photos from the Polar Circle

Photos from Ireland

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